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To get Nookingtons in WW, you need to play for a loooooong time. I think it took me about six months of playing to get it, because you need to spend around sixty thousand bells or something at the previous store

it’s 240,000 bells as u can see from the three pages i linked to. n u gotta have a friend visit over wifi and buy something too. should i link to summore pages or…?

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eh, i guess they think others will go ‘oh hey we have similar interests’…? at least that’s less annoying than if you’ve written something on a post and they remove your url so it’ll look like they wrote it. happens to me a lot for some reason.

wow that’s beyond irritating. don’t understand the reasoning behind that at all. what’s even the satisfaction in it. plagiarizing someone’s thoughts on a blog post? ???

oh tumblr, how you puzzle me.