hey guys i’m done publishing anons about the jambette thing so plz don’t take it personally when i don’t answer. ask off anon if you need further clarifications k. thx. <3

edit: i’ve hidden all posts concerning the matter just lemme know if you gotta see one for whatever reason k.

Anonymous asked:

I just wanna be a cool person and not a pile of soggy rags :[

and who says you aren’t a cool person? i’m sure you’ve got your own unique brand of coolness, you just gotta stop bein’ so down on yourself and put on your sweet shades of confidence! even ragheaps can be cool when the proper amount of shades is applied

now that’s a pile o’ sog i’d like to take out to lunch!
whether your shades are real or metaphorical is up to you, but confidence is key. be proud of who you are, and other people will be too!