Anonymous asked:

do you like mlp? are you some type of brony that wants to take over the world, and is spreading the message on tumblr? do you think the ac fandom is that weak?

oh no, i have been found out!
*hops into ponymobile and zippity-zooms away*

yeah i def. wanna take over the world but i ain’t no brony jabroni or w/e
cool your jets sweetcheeks

connie-crossing answered your post: how are u today?


i was too but then i ate a HUGE QUESADILLA. i think you should get yourself a HUGE QUESADILLA. or ten small hot dogs. oooh piggies in blankets… wtf am i still hungry…?

pastel-bear answered your post:

im good thanks!!! how are you!!!

good! i am super fine thank you! :D

kaiserdandy answered your post:

I’m feeling eh

eh, eh? i feel ya there. i am in a perpetual state of oscillation between “eh” and “feh”, myself. hope the rest of your weekend’s good tho! :)

itsbooker answered your post:

5ever alone

aw no booker everyone loves you! though we’re far apart, you’re always in my heart! <3

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beexirl answered your post:

so good!!!!!! i smell nice

yeehaw that is what i call a good day! three cheers for smellin’ nice! if only everyone could be more like you. u◡u

ffluttershy answered your post:

good :D